Watson Memorial United Methodist Church
Saturday, July 20, 2019

United Methodist links

For friends of Watson Memorial UMC with little experience doing web searches, this page is provided to assist as you explore some UMC links. Certainly, there will be many important links that will be missed here. You are invited to contact WMUMC with suggestions of UMC links that are missing here and that are recommended for inclusion. If you are local and would like to suggest a topic for small group discussion, please contact WMUMC and share.

United Methodists Responding To Disaster

2018 Virginia UMC Annual Conference (You will see 12 links for different periods of this Conference.) https://livestream.com/VAUMC/AC2018  
For an overview of this Conference, see it here,  https://www.vaumc.org/pages/resources/2018-ac/2018acwrapup

2018 Bishop’s Convocation Faith Science Ministry
To follow the order of presentation, choose these six presentations from bottom to top. 
Program Agenda January 20, 2018
The Fox Endowment, new life in Bishop Lewis’ ministry vision

Book of Resolutions: Health and Wholeness

 Advocating for Justice

About Global Ministries

Center for Justice and Missional Excellence (You will see at least 16 topics with links, including UM Men, UM Women, Voices of Youth, Missionaries, Volunteers in Missions, etc.)

Wesleyan and Methodist Studies

Church and Society