Watson Memorial United Methodist Church
Sunday, January 23, 2022

Mission Outreach

The WMUMC Communion Offering for the Month of October 2021 will be used to support God's Pit Crew.

As God's Pit Crew is responding to disasters from home to Louisiana they are in need of some supplies. If you would like to bring any of the items listed below to help meet their needs you can place them in the totes in the foyer. This collection will replace the collection of food for the Northern Pittsylvania County Food Bank for the month of September. Thank you for your participation!
Food and Water      Baby Food      Bottled Water      Dry Food      Easy-Open Food      Non-Perishable Foods      Medical Supplies      Rubbing Alcohol      Antibacterial Cream      Antiseptic Wipes      Equipment and Tools      Blankets      Flashlights and Batteries      Manual Can Openers      Hygiene Brushes/Combs      Bug Spray      Cleaning Supplies      Household Bleach      Razors      Shampoo      Shaving Cream      Bar Soap      Liquid Soap      Sun Block      Toilet Paper      Tooth Brushes      Toothpaste      Towelettes      Wash Cloths      Towels      Deodorants      Disinfectants      Feminine Supplies      Hand Sanitizers      Heavy-Duty Trash Bags      Paper Towels      New Stuffed Animals      Aspirin      Band-Aids      Triangular Bandages      Rolled Bandages      Peroxide
 These blankets, hats and shawls are made by church members' caring hands, stitch by stitch, for
  distribution in our community.