Watson Memorial United Methodist Church
Sunday, January 23, 2022

Note Burning Celebration


    On Sunday, May 4th, 2008, Watson Memorial United Methodist Church celebrated the elimination of its debt of more than 1.2 million dollars building program.  Bruce Tuttle, Danville UM District Superintendent brought the message at the 11 a.m. service of worship.  Several former pastors and former members, as well as representatives from 1st Citizens Bank and Trust Company were on hand to witness the burning of the bank note. 
Five laity from Watson Memorial shared “Stories of God’s Faithfulness” during the process of building.  These were as follows:  Chairperson of Trustees, F.B. Watson; Secretary of Church Council, Eva Spencer; Lay-Leader, Hal Thornton; Church Council Chairperson, Winn Bishop; and Former Property Chairperson, Bill Haymes.  



Watson Memorial UMC Pastor Pat B. Tony passes the flame to trustees chairman F. B. Watson at a recent bank Note-burning celebration. Looking on, from left to right, are District Superintendent Bruce Tuttle; lay leader Hal Thornton; former pastors Bill Thomas and Richard Keller; Former associate pastor Betty Marshall; debt reduction chairman Mark Thomas; and church council chairman Winn Bishop.


Participants in the service included guests:
pastors, Otelia McNorton-Barksdale, and Mikel Pugh, Chatham-Blairs Supervisor Hank Davis, and pastors David Smith, and Charles Warnock.


 In the 2 p.m. Songfest Celebration of God's Faithfulness, area choirs came to praise God along with the members of Watson Memorial UMC.  Featured were the Chatham Baptist Choir, New Hope A.M.E. Choir, alongside Watson's Chancel Choir, Youth Chimes, soloists Jarrod Brown and Gayle Wright, pianist Quin Motley and the Watson Bell Choir, directed by Heather Robertson. 




New Hope A.M.E. Church Choir     


















Chatham Baptist Church